First Timer or Have Questions?

Below are answers to common questions we receive

How much are classes?

Single classes are $28.  The more you bundle with Class Packs or Memberships, the more you save. See our Pricing Page for full details.

Do you take walk-ins?

We accept walk-in students if there is an available spot. We recommend creating a Wellness Living Account and booking prior to guarantee your reservation and streamline check-in.

Is there an App?

Yes! We highly recommend downloading the Google Play or the Apple Store Wellness Living Achieve app for easy class registration, and check out all our Social Media accounts!

Can I share my classes?

Unlimited Memberships are not shareable but we do discount multiple Unlimiteds. The other Membership levels and Class Passes may be shared between parent, child(ren), or spouse

Are there age limits?

Our Adult classes are 17+. Our Kids classes are age 6 to 10. Our Teens classes are age 11 to 16.

I want to sign up my child.

We love our Youth students! See more instructions on signing up your child on our Youth Programs page.

What is a good intro class?

Class Names include a Level # or Description (ex, All Levels or Beginners, etc). Check out our Programs Page for Class links and descriptions.

What do I wear?

We recommend  close-fitting but stretchy apparel. For pole class, exposed skin (knees, ankles, thighs) aids with grip.

Is jewelry allowed?

Jewelry is not allowed in class as it can damage equipment or get caught. No rings, watches, bracelets, or belts please! If you have permanent jewelry, we can explore ways to cover it.

Do I need a dance or gym background?

Absolutely not! We have a curriculum for progressing through class levels and dance background is not necessary. 

What if I don't feel strong?

It is our job to help you build strength and body awareness, and you will be amazed by how you progress as you come to class.

Do I need heels for pole class?

All our Pole Class curriculums allow for Heels or no Heels. Feel free to register even if the class title is Heels or Dance. You can get a feel for the style and then buy Pole Heels. Reminder, regular 'street' heels are not allowed based on their sole construction and ankle support. Visit the Pleaser site for ideas.

Can we watch classes?

No. With the exception of parents whose child(ren) are in youth class, we only allow active participants in the studio during class time. There is a park within walking distance as well as multiple retailers nearby.

Is Open Practice for new students?

We strongly recommend having attended at least 3 classes before you register for Open Practice, which has no instruction. 

Can I turn off auto-renew? 

Please see our Policies Page for help with turning off auto-renew as needed and for all policies.

What if I arrive late?

7 minutes past start time, you are considered a no-show. we understand traffic sucks or things happen! do your best to let us know what's up! It is teacher discretion to allow you into class after 7 minutes past start time.

What happens if I no-show?

No-shows and Late Cancels incur a $15 fee and the class credit is forfeited.

Why is there cancellation policy?

If you cancel within a 12-hour window, there is a $15 fee as we have already booked a coach who prepares a class curriculum, and many coaches drive here from Austin or surrounding towns. Please see all our policies here.

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