What are Aerial Fabrics?

Fabrics are two different types of aerial apparatus categorized as Silks or as Sling (also called Hammock). Silks are two pieces of fabric suspended from the ceiling. Sling is generally a single, looped piece of fabric. Fabrics are always eye-catching and dynamic!

Silks classes teach you to climb, wrap the fabric around you creating "locks," twist, and dance in the air. As you progress, you will gain strength, performance, and choreography skills. We will teach you all the basics needed to progress from a beginner to an aerial pro!

In Sling classes, you will become familiar with entering and exiting the hammock and will learn tricks that can be sequenced together. Sling is very beginner friendly and fun!

Silks All Levels

In Silks All Levels, you will build your foundation with basics by working on form, conditioning, and of course some fun moves. Please wear comfortable clothing that covers the back of your knees. No experience required. Come have fun in this Intro and Level 1-friendly level class that can also mix it up as you start feeling more comfortable in the fabric! Note this class is 1 hour 15 mins.

Requirements: None

Sling Novice

Aerial Sling Level 1 Novice is for students who have never tried sling before and great for students who want to take several classes and feel comfortable in the fabric. We will become aquainted with entering and sitting in the sling, introducing inversions from the floor, learning some basic wraps, and integrating Sling theory. And we can't forget conditioning to build your strength. Please wear tights or leggings of at least capri length to allow movement and protection.

Requirements: None


We recommend tights or leggings of at least capri length which will allow for movement but also protect the backs of the knees. For a shirt, wear one that can be tucked in or is relatively form-fitting, preferably covering the armpits. As the silks can tear, please do not wear things that would snag them. Avoid clothing with lots of zippers or buttons, and please remove rings and jewelry.