Tell me more about Pole Classes!

Pole dance and fitness combines strength, grace, and individuality. A Pole is vertical stainless steel apparatus that is usually attached at both the floor and the ceiling. Here at Gravity we also have Aerial Poles that are suspended to the ceiling only, which opens a whole new world of possibilities. Pole classes break down various spins, dance flows, floorwork, and conditioning exercises. In pole, you can dance barefoot or in heels. There are no limits to the variations of your style.

Pole Dance & Heels

Pole Novice - Heels

Welcome to Intro to Heels! In this pole class, you will learn to strut your stuff around the pole while wearing platform heels. We will warm up, do some ankle strengthening excercises, and then learn a fun choreographed combo. This class is for brand new polers or anyone new to wearing heels while they dance!

Attire: We recommend bringing knee pads.

Requirements: Platform heels (like Pleasers or similar brands). 6" to 7" are normally ok when you first start! Street heels will not be allowed in class as they are not designed for ankle support or with soles that will not damage equipment.

Pole Dance

Welcome to Poleography! In this novice/intermediate pole flow class, you will combine standard pole skills with floor movement. We will teach you choreography to one song per month, in a variety of dance styles and genres. So you will have time to learn the moves in progressions, adding on to build confidence and your own flair!

Requirements: Have at least 3 regular pole classes under your belt

Pole Skills & Tricks

Pole Novice

Welcome to Pole Level 1 Novice. This class is for students with little to no previous experience but also open to folks who want to hone those foundational skills. In this fun class, we start with a warm-up to get the blood flowing, followed by basic moves around the pole, dips, spins, and floorwork. This class is approachable for any level! We recommend attire that allows for skin to pole contact on the back of your knees and grip on your arms.

Requirements: None

Pole Intermediate

Welcome to Level 2 Intermediate! Get ready to start climbing and practicing inversions. We will add in more combos, begin shoulder mount preps, and add in conditioning to get you that stamina to move into even more exciting moves. We will also add in some low flow moves to practice headstand and handstands. Please wear attire that allow for skin to pole contact behind the knees and on your arms.

Requirements: At least 3 Pole Novice classes attended / Forward and Backward Knee Hook Spins / Dip to Pirouette Combo

Pole Advanced

Time to start defying gravity! Level 3 Advanced class builds upon the grounded foundations and really getting more comfortable off of the ground. We will expand the new grips we started introducing in Intermediate like Funny, Twisted, and Cup into more difficult moves and combos. Combos will be longer and more complicated. We will work on inverting aerially. And let's return to some basics by ensuring clean lines and pointed toes! Please wear attire that allows for skin to pole contact behind the knees and on the arms.

Requirements: One-handed spin / Climb to top and back down 2 times / Inverted Crucifix hold 5 seconds / Inverted V hold 5 seconds

Pole Expert

Welcome to Level 4 Expert. This is a trick class for our most mastered students. We build off everything we have learned, combining moves and transitions into sequences. Students will have a wide range of offerings. Get ready to practice those handsprings and tumbles! Please wear attire that allows for skin to pole contact behind the knees and on the arms.

Requirements: Aerial invert / Extended Butterfly / Inside and Outside leg hangs with no toe taps / Shoulder mount

Spin Pole

Pole Novice - Spin

Welcome to this class dedicated to spin pole! Learn to mount, dismount, and create beautiful shapes while the pole is spinning. Spin Pole puts a whole new twist on your forces.

Requirements: Be comfortable in a climb

Pole Conditioning

Pole Power Hour

Gotta pay to play, yes? Yes! In this class, we work on developing strength and endurance so you can reach some of the pole move goals we know you have! Curriculum may use apparatus, bodyweight training, weights, or other tools.

Requirements: None. We will modify exercises using the pole for varying skill levels.

Attire: Layers can be good here. For ex, pole or biker shorts but also bring leggings or socks. Tank or tee with sports bra underneath.

Aerial Pole

Want to release your inner child? Aerial Pole is definitely a smile-maker. This pole is rigged to an aerial point, but not to the floor, so it is a new adventure in physics. During class, we will start with fundamentals and add to them based on students experience level. Note, these poles are silicone-wrapped versus stainless steel or brass, so you can wear attire that covers your skin.

Requirements: None, although having a few pole classes and climbs under your belt helps. Experience on other apparatus, especially steel, is also applicable.


For regular Pole classes, we recommend workout clothes for ease of movement and because skin contact is necessary for grip. We love easy layers for your warm-up and to have handy for floorwork. Yoga shorts or "booty" shorts and a tank top or sports bra are normal attire once you are climbing and learning tricks.

For Aerial Pole classes, the above attire is also great. Or because these poles are actually silicone-wrapped, leggings and shirts are also fine as the skin contact grip is not required on this apparatus.