Yoga & Movement

Let's Work, or Werk, that Flex & Core!

Our movement and flexibility classes are just the thing to build your aerial repertoire. Come stretch, strengthen, lengthen, and dance with us!


Vinyasa Yoga

Come get your flow on in this flow vinyasa class! This all-level yoga class will take you through a series of postures to match breath and movement and leave you recharged and revitalized.

Requirements: None. Please bring your own mat if possible We have a limited number of rentals for $2. We also recommend bringing a water bottle and towel.

Sensual Flow (age 18+)

Did you know that movement is medicine? This class is your chance to naturally come back home to your body. Your instructor blends dance, stretching, meditation, and conditioning together. The results? You will discover your authentic, emotional, sensual, and steamy self. No mirrors, judgement, or self doubt. Come discover your body’s voice and let it sing.

Requirements: No experience necessary. This class can use poles but it is not required. This is an 18+ older class.

Chair Dance

Welcome to Chair Dance! We will learn a choreo that involves dance moves on and around a metal folding chair. You will improve core strength and coordination and feel fierce! Some weeks we may use heels or dance boots so it's great to bring them with you just in case. We will generally spend at least 2 weeks on the moves/choreo in order to give us time to learn in progressions.

Requirements: No experience needed! We will have levels for varying experience.

Attire: We recommend knee pads.You may want to dress in layers in case the routine uses the pole as well. Street heels/shoes not allowed. Please check out Pleasers for examples.

Flexibility & Recovery

Aerial Flexibility

Improving flexibility will improved your aerial progression! Whether you're a novice or advanced, come enjoy an hour of stretching. Apparatus may be part of this class curriculum!

Requirements: None

Mobility & Flex

This all-levels class restores action and range of motion as well as builds flexibility. Each week, we target different zones of the upper or lower body and also your core. We move through exercises designed for joint recovery, creating warmth and strength, and wrap up class with opportunity to find your deepest stretch. Exercises are structured to safely add gains in your splits, backbends, and more.

Requirements: None

Note: Any and all of our content is provided as an information resource only, not a medical diagnosis or treatment plan.


We recommend comfortable clothing that allows for stretch, such as leggings or tights that allow for smooth movement and protection of the back of your knees. Up top, you can wear long sleeves or, if you're comfortable, a tank or sports bra. Please no zippers or other clothes or jewelry that would catch.