We love Parties!

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Bachelorette Parties

Birthday Parties

Dance Parties

Just Because!

What are some suggested booking days and times?

Fridays between 7pm to 9pm

Saturdays between 12noon and 6pm

Sundays between 2pm and 6pm

How long is a party?

Parties are booked for one hour and 15 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes early to confirm all attendees have signed a Waiver.

What size groups can you accommodate?

Small Parties: 2 to 5 people

Large Parties: 6 to 10 people

For over 10, shoot us a Contact Form!

Can we have a theme or dress up? What do we wear?

You are welcome to bring party favors as you wish and wear what you wish! Just please help us out by taking out what you take in or dispose as applicable. For pole, it does help to have back-of-knee skin grip. For aerials, it's the opposite! We recommend leggings. Note, no alcohol or drugs are permitted.

Party Policies

Rule #1 - Have fun!

A 50% deposit is placed on the card used for booking at time of reservation.

Reschedules are possible up to 24 hours prior to start.

Even though Wellness Living availability may appear, the Party is not confirmed until we get back to you.

Cancellations are refunded at 100% if made a week or more prior to the event.

Cancellations are refunded at 50% if made between 2 and 6 days prior to the lesson.

Cancellations within 24 hours are non-refundable, as we have had to make special arrangements for this time and use of space.

Late arrivals do not extend allotted time.

Drug and alcohol use is never permitted. Some things just have to wait, y'all, for everyone's safety!

A Waiver must be on file for every attendee. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to confirm all attendees have signed a Waiver. Upon booking confirmation, we'll send more links to sign Waivers prior to the party to streamline check-in as well.

More Party Policies