Hoop / Lyra

What is Aerial Hoop?

Aerial Hoop is also known as Lyra, in reference to its beautiful lyrical dance style. A Lyra is a circular metal apparatus suspended in the air by a cable or cord. From there, the aerialist can make shapes from below, inside, or above. Lyras also come in different diameters! Lyra classes teach you techniques to enter and exit the hoop. We start with a warm-up and conditioning, then learn different moves to challenge your potential in fun, exciting ways!

Lyra (All Levels)

Welcome to Aerial Hoop! You will gain strength and flexibility as we teach you the building blocks of your practice. These basics include terminology, hoop entries, hand grips, conditioning, and form. But don't worry, there will be plenty of fun shapes and short sequences to play with too! No prior experience needed - this class is for everyone!

Requirements: None

Lyra Level 2

You're hooked now, aren't you? You can't fool us! Building upon your Lyra 1 foundation, you are now tasked to bump up that conditioning! Why? Because it means even more fun shapes! In Lyra 2 Intermediate, we will start inverting and progressing from poses with three points of contact to two. We might challenge you to spin more, and to put tricks together into combos.

Lyra Level 3

What is Lyra without a good back balance? In this level, we'll 'bam' it up with more advanced shapes and transitions, longer sequences, even fewer points of contact, and definitely moving above the top bar (oh, yeah!). In this level, we can also incorporate drops and more dynamic moves.


We recommend leggings with a tank or sports bra. Have a sleeved shirt handy for learning moves where the Lyra is in your armpit or elbow pit. Do not wear jewelry or clothing that has zippers, as these items could catch. You will find that that Lyra may be taped for additional grip or may be the steel hoop only.