Trapeze (coming soon!)

What is Aerial Static Trapeze?

A trapeze is an apparatus about 2 to 3 feet wide with two ropes attached on either side to a horizontal bar. The ropes are usually at least 4 feet in length and can be made of many materials, such as cotton, with wires woven inside. This is a static, or fixed, trapeze, as opposed to a flying trapeze. Trapeze can be performed by a single artis or by a duo.

Trapeze Novice / Intermediate

(currently not scheduled stand-alone but it is part of Youth & Intro to Aerial classes!)

Welcome to Trapeze class! Static trapeze is a wonderful apparatus mixing a horizontal bar with a rope post on each side. In this mixed level class, we will introduce you to entering the trapeze with pikes and knee hangs, sitting, and starting to move around the inside and outside posts. We will include inversions and varied dismounts and sequences to mix it up as students progress. All with proper form, strenght conditioning, and good times!

Requirements: None


We recommend leggings or tights because these allow for movement but also protect the back of your knees. For a top, attire can vary. If you are comfortable, a tank or sports bra is fine. It is nice to have a sleeved shirt handy in case you are learning moves where the Trapeze bar or ropes are in your armpit or elbow pit. Do not wear clothes with zippers that could catch. Remove rings or jewelry that could damage the apparatus.