We love Parties! 

Gravity is the best spot in Bastrop for Bachelorette, Birthday, or Dance Parties...or just because!

What are some suggested days and times?

Fridays 7pm to 9pm / Saturdays 12noon to 6pm / Sundays 2pm to 5pm

How long is a party?

Parties are booked for 75 minutes

What size groups can you accommodate?

Party sizes may be between 4 and 10 people

How much does a party cost?

Parties are $50 per person and require a $50 deposit, with balance due one week prior to event.

Can we have a theme or dress up? What do we wear?

You are welcome to bring party favors and wear what you wish! For pole, it helps to have back-of-knee skin grip. For aerials, it's the opposite! We recommend leggings.