Youth Programs

Growing the Arts  for the Future

Gravity highly values the importance of our youth students! Through aerials, we will foster future generations of humans that understand health, wellness, movement, art, and the lifelong joy that comes with play. 

Kids Mixed Aerials Class (Ages 6 to 10)

Mondays 4:45pm

 Thursdays 5:15pm

Students ages 6 to 10 will learn movement in a fun class geared just for them on silks, sling, lyra, trapeze and more.

Teens Mixed Aerials Class (Age 11 to 16*)

 Thursdays 6:00pm

Students ages 11 to 16 will focus on learning good technique and progressions on a variety of apparatus.

*We also allow younger students to be eligible for this class on a case-by-case basis after demonstrating strong understanding of foundational skills in our Kids Class.

What is a good Membership level?

Our Core Membership is perfect for weekly attendance and is automatically shared with family (parent, spouse, child), in case you also want to try a class!

We sell Single or 5, 10, & 20 Class Packs. We allow sharing with family but it is not automatic. You must call (512) 722-6153, email, or discuss in person before you'll be able to book a class under your child's name.

Registration Instructions

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