What are Acrobatic Arts?

Acrobatic Arts involve feats of agility, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. By having a head start on these skills, our young students are prepared for their first Aerial Arts Classes by age 6, should they choose to further pursue their training!


45-Minute Class using a combination of grounded and full or partially aerial exercises to teach acrobatic foundations, gain strength & body awareness, hand-eye coordination, as well as to socialize, take turns, & follow our instructor's directions. Skills like log rolls, jumping, gripping, & hip drape pullovers are included. During and/or at the end of class, we expressively perform in game and/or song, where the instructor may call out moves, building your child's memorization skills, too. This Gravity-trademarked class uses more mats for safety, training tools and to assist. Your child is also allowed to have assistance from you until they are fully ready to learn on their own, or you can wait in studio/drop off.

Attire: Leggings and a tee or tank are recommended. Bring a filled water bottle. Socks or bare feet on the mats.

Come 10 Minutes Early Your First Time!


How much is it and do we come weekly? 

Memberships are $88 per 30-day cycle for 1 day per week. Yes, members are expected to come to class every week. 

Do you take Walk-Ins? Can I try a class?

We take drop-ins if there is room for $24. Members have priority. We strongly recommend calling ahead.

What do we wear? 

Close-fitting workout clothes that cover the back of the knees and arms.

Do you offer discounts?

Family discounts are available if you contact us directly or purchase at the front desk. Two memberships = 10% | Three memberships = 15% | Four+ memberships = 20%.

What if my child is nervous? 

Some kids are excited, some may be a little anxious. Please allow a few classes for everyone to become acquainted. We also ask that all students respect our Instructor's rules and requests, which are there for safety. We are here to support and encourage!

What if I need to cancel, upgrade, or downgrade my membership? 

Email info@gravitydistrict.com. All membership changes require a 30-day notification per our policies.