Youth Training Options

Click each option to discover more! See instructions below on creating an account or profile for your child.

* Child's Wellness Living Account should be created with THE CHILD'S NAME & DOB and PARENT'S BILLING METHOD 

Troubleshooting Wellness Living

🎪 I already have a Parent Account. How do I make a Child's Profile? (Desktop Only)

Log Into Parent's Wellness Living Account and go to My Profile Area

Click Add Family Member Button

Add Your Child's Details and Set The Transactions/Billing to Yourself or 'Me'

🎪 I'm logged in but the Kid's Book Buttons are 'greyed out.' Why?

Our classes are age-restricted so make sure you're booking under the child's name

Log Into Parent's Wellness Living Account

Switch To Child's Profile From 'My Profile' ( if using Phone App) or Icon Circle in Upper Right (if using Desktop)

 Go To Book Now Tab To Enroll