Birthday Parties

Or Any Festive Event


Determine how many participants you have and the Base Party Type you need.*  


Decide which Add-Ons you want, if any. Generally, 2 to 3 is a good amount. Add-Ons may impact dates due to team availability.


Submit Party Booking Fee & integrated Form. Look for and reply to the email we'll send afterward. 


Circus Flyers Party: $350

Age 6 to 16 Years | 6 Attendees | Up to 2 Hours

Includes warmup & teacher instruction with Fabric &/or  Lyra. No previous experience required. $45 each additional child, max 12.

Circus Play Party: $200

Age 1 to 5 Years | 6 Attendees | Up to 2 Hours

Includes a variety of mats to play on and an Aerial Sling rigged low to sit or swing in. Play-based approach with supervision, no instruction. $15 per additional child, max 12.

STEP 2: Add-On Services

Bounce House (3-10 Yrs): $150

Disney Princess Storytime: $150

Facepainting: $150

Balloon Animals: $150

Hair Braiding Station: $150

Hula Hoop Dancer: $300

Stilt Walker: $500

Decor (tablecloths, plates, cups, utensils): $75

STEP 3: Submit Party Booking Fee

At least 3 weeks prior, complete the initial $50 booking fee for your desired date/time, which includes an automated form questionnaire.

This is not a final cost. The fee and form enables our management to begin coordinating with applicable teachers/performers.

* What Type of Base Party Booking Do I Submit?

Submit the base Party Booking Type that best matches the majority of attendees. For example, my birthday child is turning 1 but most of the attendees will be older and will want aerial instruction. If you submit as Circus Play, our team would potentially book with an instructor that is not qualified for aerial instruction.

I Submitted the Fee...What's Next?

Look for an email from our team to confirm receipt within 2 business days. We'll continue communications via email after we find instructor match(es). You must respond.


Full payment must be completed within 1 week of event date.

The Day Of

You may arrive 15 minutes before your time slot to set up. We provide two 6' tables with red or white tablecloths (themes available as add-on) and 6 chairs. You are allowed to bring outside decor, cake, drinks. But no food, drinks, or shoes are allowed on the gym mats. We will take care of all cleaning & trash disposal after the party! The most important thing to remember?....Have fun!

What Do We Wear?

We recommend stretchy clothing that allows for movement and covers the back of the knees.