Gravity District

Aerial, Pole, Barre & Movement Studio in Bastrop, TX


Take Flight  at Gravity

Gravity District is the first aerial, pole, barre & movement studio located in Bastrop, Tx. We offer the magic of circus, performing arts, and health to everyone.

Have you ever tried an exercise routine but it didn't stick? Maybe you just need a place where the focus is unique movement that benefits your entire self. A place where we celebrate you as you are now, and whatever form of "you" that you grow to be. Gravity District is this place!

We invite you to come take a silks, pole, Barre, or one of our many other classes today.  Don't forget our events, parties and our youth programming.

Gravity is your DISTRICT - a learning space to discover and transform together!

Schedule & Services

Call Us Any Time (512) 722-6153

Calling all students age 6 to 16! Gravity commits to fostering future generations of aerialists that understand art, wellness, and the lifelong joy that comes with play.