After School Mobile Program

We are proud to partner with BISD on an ad-hoc basis to offer the Gravity After School program for kids and youth from age 5 to 12, with lesson plans based on fun, imaginative, and structured pathways! 

In our floor-based stations, students learn the foundations of rolls, tabletops, cartwheels, backbends, handstands, as well as practicing flexibility and stretching. 

In our single aerial arts station, we teach the basics of fabric sling and lyra hoop, ranging from safe entries and exits to making beautiful shapes. This station is an introductory version of our full aerial arts classes available at our headquarters.  

Gravity Growers™ supports our Mission of making performance art and movement accessible to all, including students that may not have access to transportation to our fitness center.

Registration must be completed with the ISD and is subject to our team's availability for that semester.