two bungee students laughing

What is Bungee?

Bungees are stretchy, bouncy bands that attach to the ceiling and are harnessed at your waist. The bungee cord creates resistance, giving you a low-impact, full-body workout through both bounce and resistance.


Our all-levels Bungee class combines aerobics, fitness, dance all into one! We will orient ourselves with wearing the harness. Then, we work on assisted squats, pushups and variations, playing with tension, and moving into bouncing, jumping and flying. As we progress, you'll be offered to sequence moves together to a song.

Requirements: No experience needed.

Sizing: We currently have harnesses that accommodate between size 24" through size 38" waists, and bungees that are rated between 115 up to 250 pounds. We plan to continue building our inventory for sizing inclusivity as quickly as possible. 


We recommend leggings and a tee or tank. Some students like wearing bike shorts over leggings for extra cushion. We do not recommend bare skin at the waist as the harness could rub. For this class, you'll be wearing a four-point harness and the bungee will clip in to a point on your back. Do not wear jewelry or clothing that has zippers, as these items could catch.