woman performing on aerial flying pole

Tell me more about Pole Classes!

Pole sport and dance combines strength, grace, and individuality.  A Pole is vertical stainless steel apparatus attached at both the floor and the ceiling.

Pole Level 1 (Age 17+)

Pole 1 is for students with little to no previous experience but also open to folks who want to hone those foundational skills. In this fun class, we start with a warm-up to get the blood flowing, followed by basic moves around the pole, dips, spins, and floorwork. This class is approachable for any level!

Requirements: None

Pole Level 2/3 (Age 17+)

Get ready to start climbing and practicing inversions. We will add in more combos, begin shoulder mount preps, and add in conditioning to get you that stamina to move into even more exciting moves. We will also add in some low flow moves to practice headstand and handstands.

Requirements: Dip Spin to Pirouette / Knee Hooks / Fireman Spin / One Climb / Pole Sit

Pole Dance™ (Age 17+)

Pole Dance combine standard pole skills with floor movement. We will teach you choreography to one song per month, in a variety of dance styles and genres ranging from jazz, contemporary, lyrical, or even sultry. You can learn the moves in progressions, adding on to build confidence and your own flair! So jump in any time!

Requirements: 3 or more pole classes for terminology.

Spinny Pole (Age 17+)

Spin Pole puts some twirl in your life! We will work on control, speed, and and moving through different shapes from grounded positions or in the air. This class is geared for our novice to intermediate pole students who have are comfortable with a climb, and combos can be adjusted for each student's level.  

Requirements: None

Pole Conditioning (Age 17+)

Pole Conditioning focuses on exercises that build strength, flexibility, or muscle activation awareness to get you to those pole goals. 

Requirements: None

Attire: We recommend a 'go' bag of things like leggings, shorts, socks, knee pads as the exercises can vary! 

Aerial Pole (Age 17+)

Want to release your inner child? Aerial Pole is definitely a smile-maker. This pole is rigged to an aerial point but not to the floor, so it is a new adventure in physics. During class, we will start with fundamentals and add to them based on students experience level. Note, these poles are silicone-wrapped versus stainless steel or brass, so you can wear attire that covers your skin. 

Requirements: A basic climb is strongly recommended.


For regular Pole classes, we recommend workout clothes for ease of movement and because skin contact is necessary for grip. We love easy layers for your warm-up and to have handy for floorwork. Yoga shorts or "booty" shorts and a tank top or sports bra are normal attire once you are climbing and learning tricks. 

For Aerial Pole classes, the above attire is also great. Or because these poles are actually silicone-wrapped, leggings and shirts are also fine as the skin contact grip is not required on this apparatus.