Tuesdays 6:15pm | Thursdays 12:15pm

Zumba is a lively dance workout blending cardio and Latin rhythms that uses high- and low-intensity intervals to keep the party going. We also provide new styles of Zumba that may include Rock, Country, or other types of dance moves. Results vary but consistent weekly sessions can yield noticeable changes in just a few weeks!

Can my child come? 

The Thursday lunchtime class allows a child age 8-12 years to come with you at no additional cost! The child is expected to participate and to not interfere with other dancers. For additional child/ren, you must register and purchase a "1 child Zumba pass" at checkout to save their spot.

Requirements: None

Did you know? Our Chill Membership includes all our floor-based classes: Yoga, Barre, Pound, Sensual Flow, Handstands, Flexibility, & Zumba Dance! Aerial, Pole, Bungee excluded.


We recommend comfortable clothing that allows for stretch, like leggings and a tee or tankl Shoes are allowed but not required.