Tuesdays 4:30pm | Thursdays at 9:15am

Parent & Meis an interactive 45-min class. Together with your child/ren age 1 to 4 years, we will work on:


How much is it and do I come every week?

Memberships are $77 or $145 per 30-day cycle for 1 day or 2 days per week. Members are expected to come to class every week on the day for which they signed up (Tuesday, Thursday, or Both). 

Do you have membership policies?

Important Membership Information: We aim to make Membership as accessible as possible. So there are no admin, registration, or cancellation fees or annual contracts. However, memberships auto-renew every month based on original sign-up date and there is a 30-day change request policy. Sales are final, no refunds. See all policies here.

Am I required to participate?

Yes, this is an interactive class with movements for the child/ren and parent/caregiver. Plus, your activity demonstrates to the child that we are in this together. You can have 1 adult with 2 children, as long as you are aware that turn-taking may be required. Our staff is here to assist all students.

Is it worth it to start so young?

Absolutely! As part of our mission to foster lifelong health, we believe in starting at the beginning.

What happens when my child ages out? What if their sibling is younger?

Our desire is to transition any children older than 4 to the Early Movement class, which is an afternoon timeslot. We understand sometimes this divides siblings or causes two trips, so we apologize for any inconvenience. However, some of the stations  in Parent & Me may become less challenging cognitively & physically as a child grows.

What do we wear?

Close-fitting workout clothes that cover the back of the knees and arms.

Do you take drop-ins? 

Yes, if there is room. Members have priority. Walk-in rates are $24. We recommend emailing or calling ahead at info@gravitydistrict.com or (512) 988-0042.

What if I don't show or miss a class? Do you have makeups?

One day-per-week members who miss will automatically have 1 makeup class added to their profile that expires in 30 days and can be used for their 'off' day. For ex, a Tuesday member could use their makeup on a Thursday class. The max is 1 makeup credit per month. You must email info@gravitydistrict.com prior to confirm there is room on the date you wish. We do not charge late cancel or no-show fees. However, non-members forfeit drop-in class bookings for no-shows and late cancels (< 6 hours).

Can I pause a membership?

We allow 1 hold or pause per year per membership for up to 14 days.  To request a hold, please email info@gravitydistrict.com including the specific date range. Upon final approval, your billing and your auto-renew will be paused and then restarted on the determined date. We must receive your request in writing within a 30-day period for our team to have adequate time to address this request. See policies. 

Any more questions?

See our policies page or feel free to email us at info@gravitydistrict.com.